Singer-songwriter turned indie pop artist, Noella Usborne is from South West England and has a particular love for songwriting. After experimenting with her genre and style for a few years, enabling her to play at regional festivals such as Stroud Fringe and Cheltenham Jazz Festival, she returns this March with a fresh new sound, launching herself into the world of pop.


"The first thing to grab you is her leading voice - it offers personality and a quickly likable, emotional tone." Stereo Stickman writes "there’s a contemporary familiarity...that summer-time energy has a comforting glow...you can lose yourself in the clean finish of the ambience."


"You’ll most likely walk away with that beautiful beat and that hook running through your mind."


Her minimalistic take on modern pop, mixed with her passion for penning genuinely good songs, makes her sound refreshingly accessible and palatable, as well as offering the excitement and fizziness great pop should have.

© 2020 Noella Usborne.

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