On March 2nd 2019, Noella released her debut single 'Unrequited'.
The single quickly garnered an astonishing 12,000 streams on Spotify in its first week - unprecedented for a debut with a then-small fanbase.

ABOUT THE single

The single is in collaboration with the innovative producer Sam Judd, half of the rising house duo KOMODO. Drawing upon the influences of Zedd and Julia Michaels, along with other rising new pop artists like Emily Burns and Maisie Peters, the two of them have created a clean sound with somewhat brazen and unapologetic lyrics about an unfulfilling relationship.


With the current saturation of the pop music market, it’s tempting for rising artists to pull out all the production gimmicks and swamp their new music. However, the duo decided to pull it all back and write a great song first and foremost, which can be heard in their minimalistic style and focus of keeping the pop pure.


"Unrequited sees Noella Usborne get unapologetically personal and honest in her outpouring – even the tone of voice backs up this realness. The turmoil there yet again contrasts cleverly with the brightness of the music" Stereo Stickman writes.

"An impressively crisp and colourful soundscape... Usborne has subtly invited a fair few different genres and styles into the mix, so while certain moments feel trip-hop inspired, others feel more rooted in EDM and even occasionally dance-hall. That exotic bounce when the full warmth of the music drops in works really well in building further on existing contrasts and giving the track an addictive burst of energy."

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